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Toggl Track natively integrates with Basecamp via our Classic Integrations tab. You can get here by going to Integrations from the left-menu and then clicking on Classic Integrations.  

Note: We no longer support new integrations with Basecamp2. If you remove your current integration, please note you cannot re-add it at a later time.

About Basecamp

Basecamp is a web-based project-management tool. Basecamp helps you wrangle people with different roles, responsibilities, and objectives toward a common goal: Finishing a project together. It offers to-do lists, wiki-style web-based text documents, milestone management, file sharing, time tracking, and a messaging system.

Note: Toggl Track’s integration with Basecamp is only available with Basecamp 2. The integration is not available with Basecamp 1 and 3. If you receive the error “Did not receive any accounts”, that means that there is no Basecamp 2 account currently integrated with Toggl Track.

What can I import from Basecamp?

From Basecamp, you can automatically import:

  • Users as Toggl Track users

  • Projects as Toggl Track projects

  • Todo lists as Toggl Track tasks

  • Todo items as Toggl Track tasks

All items will be matched with existing ones based on name. No duplicates will be imported.

In case you have multiple accounts in Basecamp, Toggl Track will ask you which one you wish to import from:

In order to get the process started, hit on the green "Select" button next to the account you want to integrate with Toggl Track. When you import users, there’s also an extra step where you can choose which users to import. 

Keep in mind that all Projects are imported to Toggl Track as public. This means that everyone in the workspace is able to see them unless the status of the project is changed to private in Toggl Track interface. All Projects, Todo lists and Todos are imported with the access settings of the user who authorized the integration.

If you need further help enabling or managing this integration, you can contact our Support Team via chat or email :)

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