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Try our Premium features for free when you sign up for a new Track account.

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Creating a new Toggl Track account automatically upgrades your first organization to our Premium plan for 30 days. You can try out all our paid features during this time without committing to a subscription or entering payment details.

Once the trial ends, Organizations committed to a paid plan will be moved to that subscription, while Organizations that did not commit to paid plans will be reverted to our Free plan. Organizations with more than five users on the Free plan will be frozen until all but five users are deactivated or the organization is upgraded.

Choosing a Paid Plan

To commit to a paid plan, go to the Subscriptions page or click Upgrade Today in the side navigation.

On the All Plans page, you can choose which plan to continue with once your free trial ends.

All Plans page

Do note if, during your Premium trial, you choose a different plan to commit to, the trial will end, and you will be billed immediately for the other plan.

Read more about how Track Pricing works here.

Continuing with a Free Plan

To continue using Track for free, please ensure your organization has five or fewer active users when the trial ends. If your organization has more than five users and has yet to commit to a paid plan, it will be frozen until you deactivate all but five users or upgrade it to a paid plan.

What happens to data created using paid features on trial when the organization reverts to Free?

When your organization is reverted to the Free plan, any data you created related to a paid feature (tasks, billable rates, labor costs, etc.) will remain hidden until the workspace is upgraded to a paid plan.

Need more help or have suggestions for improvements? Contact our support team via chat using the purple chat button in the bottom-right corner.

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