In this article: managing your own time, “Other” category, managing team’s time and the comparison between times.

My Dashboard

Click on Dashboard on the left side menu and voila! There’s your Me View:




Summary Report view on the left side shows you data from any date range. The calendar selection as well as how the data is shown is very simple, probably already familiar to you, and clearly explained in Summary Report article.

Most tracked view on the right side shows a list of your most tracked tasks during last 9 days. You can have clear overview of what you’ve been doing and you can continue any of these tasks with a single click on the task.

What is “Other” (in my pie charts)? “Other” is a system-generated category that contains all projects whose duration doesn’t exceed 10% of the total duration. In other words, it’s a way to group together smaller projects so they don’t clutter the pie chart. This grouping is done automatically and cannot be turned off.


Your Team’s Dashboard

Push the slider to Team to view how others in your Workspace are doing:



Team view can be hidden from regular users. For that go to Workspace Settings page and activate “Who can see Team Dashboard” and set it to “Admins”.

Comparison with the previous period on the left side, there´s again the overview of a specific date range for your whole Team. As well as on the “Me” view, you can here also compare your data with a previous period of time. Grey bars on the right side of your current time bars show the time tracked on the previous time period.

Most active view on the top right of the screen is a scoreboard of up to 5 team members who have tracked the most time during last week. You can see the persons time tracking sum when hovering on their picture.

Activity view under the scoreboard shows an overview of your team’s recent actions. It shows in real time who is currently tracking time (shown in white) and who has recently tracked (shown in gray).


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