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In this article: download, start the timer, manual mode, continuing a time entry, editing a time entry, deleting a time entry, add a project, creating new projectsforce sync, settings, grouped mode and reports.


Toggl Android application

Download the Toggl Timer for your Android device from Google Play Store here.

Toggl Android app requires Android 4.0.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or newer with Google Play store available on your device. You also need to have about 12 MB free space on your phone.

Start tracking your time by tapping on the green arrow icon in bottom right:


Why mobile?

  • Offline support – when you are offline,  Toggl keeps on working as usual. When you have internet connection again, Toggl will sync all your time entries back to the web automatically. Please make sure you stay logged in until you have a network connection again.
  • Fast and responsive – its operations have been optimized to work seamlessly and quickly on all platforms.
  • Stability – sync is reliable and fast like everything else in Toggl.
  • Layout – the focus is on time tracking and making it easy to operate on smaller screens.
  • Toggl in your pocket – enables you to start and stop your timer anywhere you are at any time.


Which permissions will the app use?

  • Access to the internet (ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, INTERNET) – To communicate with Toggl servers.
  • Access to phone accounts (GET_ACCOUNTS, USE_CREDENTIALS) – To auto-complete email addresses and to log in with Google account.
  • Access external storage (READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) – To cache data.
  • Keep the phone on (WAKE_LOCK) – To allow push notifications about updates to synchronise with the server in the background.


Manual time entry

You can add your data manually by tapping on the plus sign next to Timer header:




In the editing view the duration is automatically set to 5 minutes, but you can easily change that. Save your entry by tapping on the back arrow in top left corner.


Continuing an existing time entry

You are able to continue a time entry by tapping on the arrow button (the Continue button) on the right side of the time entry. Please note that this will create a new time entry with the same exact details as the one you’ve chosen to continue.




Editing a time entry

.You can edit a time entry by tapping on it; it will open up the edit overlay:



Here you can edit the duration, start and stop times, description, project and tags and set the time entry as billable or non-billable. When you’re done, simply leave the edit view by tapping on the back arrow at the top left of the screen.


Deleting a time entry

You are able to delete a time entry just by swiping it to the right:




The Undo option will briefly appear on the bottom of your screen.


Adding a project to your time entry

No matter if you’re using the timer, adding your entry manually or editing an already created entry, you are able to add a project to your time entry by tapping on the project field.




Your Workspaces are listed on top of the screen as tabs:




The magnifying glass icon opens up a search field for finding the specific project from a long list. Three dots icon opens up a menu where you can switch how your projects are sorted – either by projects or by clients.





Creating new projects

When adding a project to your time entry you’ll also find an option to create a new project by tapping on the plus sign in bottom right. You can choose to which Workspace you’d like the project to be added to. New project will be added to your time entry automatically.





Force sync

If you need to force sync your data, just pull down your screen – a turning arrow will indicate the syncing process.



You’ll find Settings by clicking on the menu bars icon in top left of your screen:




You’ll also find the feedback form and the option to log out in the drawer.




Under Settings menu you’ll find the option to set up running entry notification to have a reminder of a running timer. Idle notification will show you a notification when the timer is stopped. You are also able to choose whether you want to be asked to add a project every time you start your timer. You can set the “mobile” tag to be added automatically to your time entries tracked with your app.

Grouped mode is a way to give you a cleaner overview of your entries. When Grouped mode is turned on, identical entries will be displayed as one, with the option to resume tracking. The app groups entries that share the same description, project, client and workspace.




The mobile app allows you to get an overview of a specific time period at a glance.
Reports menu opens up from the menu bars icon in the top left of your screen.




Reports are found in the drawer and with a simple click it generates a report covering a time period of your choice. You’re able to move back and forth just by swiping left or right.
Please note 
that in mobile app’s reports you’re only able to see entries from your default Workspace and only your personal entries. To check your team’s data please use the reports section in




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