Billable Rates


In this article: adding billable rates to workspace, team member, project & project user.


  • Billable Rates is a Starter plan feature.
  • You can add billable rates, which can be assigned to your 1) workspace, 2) team members, 3) projects or 4) project members.
  • Hourly rates are bound to time entry duration allowing you to see how much you earned for each particular job.

Please note:

  • There are four levels of hourly Billable Rates, the smallest set level in this hierarchy will be the one that your report calculations will be based on.
  • Billable Rates cannot be assigned to a specific time entry.


Workspace Rate

  • The overall Workspace Billable Rate and currency can be set on your Workspace Settings page.
  • On Workspace Settings page you can also determine who can see Billable Rates – everyone or only admins.
  • Billable Rate and currency can only be edited by the Workspace administrator.



Team Member Rate

  • Rate can be specified from the Team page. Here’s how.
  • Workspace overall currency applies to the Team Member Rate as well.
  • If you’re on Premium or Enterprise plan, you can also insert Labour Cost.


Project and Project Member Rate

  • Project rates are accessible via Projects Edit page.
  • Project-specific Billable Rates can be specified within each project separately.
  • Type in project’s hourly rate and/or a team member specific hourly rate.
  • Workspace overall currency applies to the Project Rate as well. However, by clicking on the gray currency badge you can set a unique currency per project.


project_rates (1)

The usefulness of hourly Billable Rates is apparent when you run reports (e.g. Summary Report):



Please note:

  • Workspace administrators are able to see and edit every team member’s specific hourly rate in that workspace.
  • Project managers are able to see and edit those team members’ hourly rates who belong to the project that they are managing.
  • Regular users are not able to see or edit any team member’s hourly rates that have been set in that workspace.


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