Toggl is available on your mobile browsers and as a native app. This article describes the site and the current Toggl iOS app. Click here for the Android app information.

In particular, this article includes: native appsmobile webmobile tipsadding time lateradding projects & clientsmenu bar, shortcut

iOS application

Download Toggl Timer for your iPhone and iPad
* Toggl Timer for Android is available via here.

Toggl Mobile Web-app

    • Find it at
    • It is an HTML5-based mobile application that we officially support for Android & iPhone;
    • It has also been reported to work, for example, on Windows Phone 7 and Google’s Nexus 7;
    • Mobile Toggl works on most mobile devices that support local storage.

Why Mobile?

    • Offline support - when you are offline, Toggl will notify you. When you have internet connection again, it will sync all your time entries back to the web automatically.
    • Fast and responsive - its operations have been optimized to work seamlessly and quickly in all platforms.
    • Stability - sync is reliable and also fast like everything else in Toggl
    • Layout - the focus is on time tracking and making it easy to operate on smaller screens.
    • Toggl in your pocket - enables you to start and stop your timer anywhere you are at any time.

User tips:

Adding time later

As on the web, you can also add time manually in the mobile version:
1. Instead of ‘Start’, click on the ‘What are you working on?‘ field.
2. Enter all the time entry details as you would normally
3. Instead of ‘Start’, click on the ‘Back‘ button at the top left. Voila!
Mobile, adding time later

Adding projects and clients

You can add projects and clients without having to go on the web version at all:
1. Go to add a time entry.
2. Click on the ‘Project (optional)’ field as if you’re about to choose a project.
3. Click on ‘Add‘ at the top right to add a new project.
4. If you want to add a client to that project that doesn’t yet exist, click on ‘ Add client‘ at the top right of that window.
Add project iOS 1Add client iOs 2

Click on your name (displayed with your profile image if you have one on the web for Toggl!) to open the menu bar where you can refresh to make sure all your time entries are in sync with the web and our servers, send us feedback, or log out.

Menu bar iOS

Access Mobile Web from your home screen

1) Open in your phone web browser and log in;
2) Bookmark the page and choose Add to Home Screen from the bookmarking options.
Note: Updates do not go through automatically when you use the shortcut. To make sure you have the latest version with all the fixes, open m.toggl in your browser occasionally and refresh/reload the page in there.